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Coloring Tips For Your Web Design

Coloring Tips For Your Web Design

The website is your number one tool in online business. You need to take care of it, as the poor website makes the customers leave, and you need the customers in order to boost your sales and lead to more profit. Good web design takes colors into consideration. Web design Malaysia understands that colors can affect emotions, and we want the right colors to bring the kind of feelings we want for the customers to our website. Below are some tips for using colors in web design.

  • Blue is for calmness and trust

As blue is the color of the sea, it creates calmness to people when they see it. Some experts also believe that the color blue can lower blood pressure. One of the tricks is to put more blue colors during the checkout process of your e-commerce website. As the color brings more trust, it is believed that it helps for customers to trust the service and continue to the payment process.

  • Use contrast color to highlight your text

This is actually very basic. If your font is white and the background is yellow, can you even see what the text is telling you? Put contrast color as your background. Ensure the text is easily readable. Do not make your readers’ eyes hurt.

  • Use red to catch the attention

You can use the color red and the mixture of it to catch attention. Red gives a sign of urgency, that is why it easily catches the eyes. Use red color on your call-to-action feature so that it gives an immediate reaction from the customers.

  • More black for luxury

The color black represents a luxury. If you notice, a lot of high-end brands embody the more black color into their brand.

Now that we have learned a lot about colors, use this knowledge and help from web design Malaysia to elevate your website!